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Population ----109,991 (2012 Est.)   GVA Growth Rate ---1.52% (2012 Prelim.)  Unemployment Rate ----18.8% (2007/2008)   Labor Force ---- 46,364 (2008)

 Statistics2013 is a worldwide initiative that is highlighting the contributions of the statistical sciences to finding solutions to global challenges. The Statistical Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a Statistics2013 participating organization.


The goals of Statistics2013 are to increase public understanding of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society and to nurture statistics as a profession among high-school and college students. Participants include national and international professional societies, universities, schools, businesses, government agencies and research institutes. These groups are educating millions of people about the contributions of the statistical sciences through seminars, workshops and outreach to the media.Statistics holds a central position in every field. In short, statistics can be used to decide the world we live in! Below is a graphical presentation of some areas in which statistics are used.




                  Areas in which Statistics is used

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